NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 Standing There

“How is that possible? You could have said no to him.â€?

“It is much more complicated than that.â€?

“Well than explain,â€? He raises his voice and looks up at me. There is anger in his eyes.

“I can’t…â€? I trail off as a tears start to fill my eyes.

“Well than there is nothing left for you to say. Just leave me alone, I would rather be anywhere than here talking to a liar like you.â€?

The last words sting hard and a tear rolls down my cheek. He notices and his face softens.

I quickly walk up to the teacher, “Can I please go use the bathroom?â€?

“Sure,â€? my teacher says.

I run out of the room.

“Hazel!â€? I hear from behind me.

I stop in my tracks and turn to see Chris standing there.

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