NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 Fun Time

“See I told you it was fun!â€? He says with a smile, “All right, here I come!â€?

I move out of the way and watch him fly into the water. He does a cannon ball before hitting the water and Splashes me hard. He comes up and we both laugh. He splashes me with some water.

“Hey!â€? I laugh and splash him.

“Ooo! Now you’re going to get it!â€? He says with a laugh and comes over to me.

He grabs me and throws me into the air and back into the water. I swim up and laugh so more.

After splashing him until I am really tired, I swim back and lay out onto the grass. He comes out and lies down next to me. Silence came, but it was a very comfortable silence. We just stare up into the clouds, and smiles are on both of our faces.
When it seemed to be getting late, I stood up.

“I should probably get home before my parents do.â€?

“Ok, sure.â€? He says and stands.

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