The Exciting and Eventful Life of a Teenager

The exciting world of being a teenager is not exactly what I had always dreamed it would be. Sure, my room is “cool”, what with my band posters and various lamps and dresser but there’s so much more than that which isn’t so great.

There is no sitting around with friends all the time saying things like “totally,” and “like,” 50 times per sentence.

Instead, I spend my days holed up in my room doing mounds of homework. 8 page papers, 5 paragraph essays, multiple pointless Spanish cultural enrichment questions. Where does it end?

And it isn’t just the work that is hard on the soul; it’s the relationships. How do you keep up so many friendships when you have grades to keep up? How do you find yourself a boyfriend?

Well, I have very few friends I am very close to and still haven’t managed to date since the disastrous experiences in 7th grade.

All I can see ahead of me is the broken road to college.

I’ll make it somehow. It won’t be easy but I always make it through.

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