NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch. 3 Confrontation

I take my key from my purse and unlock the front door. I step inside and immediately Amber is there.

“Who’s that?â€? She yells in hushed tones, glancing towards the kitchen to indicate that was where the boys were.

“Chris…â€? I say slowly, shifting uncomfortably.

“Hazel… You’re practically married!â€? Amber hisses. Suddenly, her face contorts. “Why are you wet?â€?

“Oh, err…â€? I say, desperately trying to find an excuse.

Unfortunately, Amber isn’t having difficulty and starts firing off questions, her voice rising after each one. “And what took you so long to get home? I was getting worried. I didn’t see you at your locker the rest of the day either. What did you do Hazel?â€?

Just then Edwin walks in from the kitchen, Ashton following close behind. Ashton moves immediately to Amber’s side, but Edwin hesitates a couple feet from me.

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