part III

The principal, walked onto the podium and explained, that two people, a man and a woman, were suspected of 1rst degree kidnapping of two kids, 2 years in a row. Now, she said, “This had happened in 1990 (it was now 2000) but police had never had any real, evidence what so ever regarding this issue. A warrant for their arrest has been granted, and police are potrolling the area.â€? She instructed the students to be a little more cautious, until this all sorts itself out.
It was dinner time by the time Jess got home. She went straight upstairs to change and came right back down. She was starving.
“Could you get your brother, Jess?â€? her mother yelled.
“Sure mom,â€? Jess yelled back down. She slumped across the hall to her brother’s room; he had a lock so she had to knock. As she was turning to go downstairs she yelled, “Time for dinner Ja-,â€? but before she could finish, Jake whipped the door open and yelled,â€? Boo!!â€?

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