part V

They had spaghetti and meatballs. And Jake wouldn’t quit at making sure, Jess knew he was sorry. She slept dreamlessly that night for the preceding events had taken all her strength.
In the morning her mother was waiting for her with the paper. It was about their school assembly yesterday.
“I wonder why they did not,â€? Jess offered.“Me too,â€? her other said. “I gotta go.â€? “Bye honey.â€?
It wasn’t that long of a walk to school, but today it felt like it was. Her headache was killing her. She heard something rustle behind her. Jess whirled around, and someone grabbed her, and threw her in a truck. She didn’t know she was going, what was happening? But she couldn’t finish her thought, because a lady came in and took her to the basement of some old house. It was dark and damp and very uncomfortable. The lady left then and didn’t come back for hours. When she did she didn’t say anything, just sat there looking at Jess, and Jess stared back. Jess was the first one to say something: “Why am I here?â€? Jess asked her.

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