part VI

“There’s something you need to know,â€? the other woman said. “But I can’t tell you, not now,â€? her voice cracked at that last word, and she burst into a tears, she then ran upstairs. Jess sat there thinking of anything the woman had to tell her. She fell asleep listening the “drip-dropâ€? of water in the faucet next to her.
She was in a forest. In mid-morning. It was familiar somehow. It was dark all around. The bright morning sun trickled through the trees to the forest floor. Jess turned all the way around. Slowly. Taking in everything she could. But something startled her. She walked toward it. It was a carving of some kind. Like, “Jill was here,â€? kind of thing. The stuff she saw in movies. She reached her hand to touch it. But a noise startled her, bringing her hand to her side, and ceasing her investigation. Jess had heard arguing coming from the house. At least she thought she had. Jess started walking toward a house. It was old. Very rickety, wait, how did I know that? she thought.

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