Accursed Repetition

I couldn’t believe the scene that had unfolded before my eyes. I glanced from Ezra, to Lily, to their accomplice, to the Commissioner, to the Cabinet.
No one said anything at first.
“Well,” Second began suavely, unhanding his side of Henry, sauntering to the front of the group, “it hasn’t been rendered yet, but it looks like I’m charge.”
“Oh no,” the scruffy accomplice hissed. “You’d be worse than even he was.”
“And how would you know?” the Unofficial Commissioner sneered. The scruffy one took off his battered hat.
“Oh, I know, Roger,” he replied evenly.
“So you would, Paul. So you would.” He shook his head. They began circling each other, glaring.
“If you knew what was good for you & your little friends,” the Second hissed dangerously, “you’d get out of here while you can. But I can assure you, if we catch up to you, I’ll be sure not to make the same mistakes twice.” He shot a glance at me.
“Y’mean like this?”
The room was engulfed in smoke.
By the time it cleared, the three were gone.

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