part VII

She had obviously been there before. It had blue shudders, and a green door. The windows looked new, and it looked as if it had been renovated lately.
She took the shortcut around to the back. She waited for a second, listened to see if anyone was there, nothing. The door was open a crack, so Jess walked up to it and attentively slipped inside. There she was!!! SHE !!!! THE LADY FROM THE CELLAR !!!! The lady turned around, “oh no!!â€? Jess thought. But the lady, other wise known as Shirley, (Jess heard the other man, Chuck, call her that) didn’t notice her. They were talking about something, and looking at pictures, but jess couldn’t see or hear, she moved closer and closer. But she couldn’t’ comprehend what she was seeing. A million thoughts jammed into her head at once, giving her an n enormous instantaneous headache. “It can’t be, it can’t be…â€? she thought. Everything swirled around her, and she was awake in an instant.

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