Childhood Memory Challenge

Why hallo, everyone.

No, I have nothing to report on my ficlet front. I have not completed 1,000, or 2,000, or even 500. But I had an idea, and don’t try to stop me when I have an idea.

So, here is the challenge. It’s my first, so don’t laugh.


Write a story about a childhood memory (yes, if you are still a designated “child”, like me, you may still do this challenge) of yours that really stands out for you. It could be a good memory, or a bad one.

Make it real. Make it so that people can relate, and feel what you feel about that event.

You may title your entry anything you would like, but please put Childhood Memory Challenge after it in parenthesis.

Other than that, feel free to just… write!

I’m looking forward to see what everyone will come up with!


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