Upstairs Ghost Rises To the Attic

Sparky was too scared now to stay upstairs, what with the basement ghost being in our living room.
I shut the basement door and explored the rest of our house.
The kitchen was a mess, silverware and appliances all over the floor and counter. Some still being hurled around the room.
I ducked, then ran to the family room. the TV was on, the volume at it’s highest setting.
The sofa and chairs were upended.

Windows started to shatter.

I was glad my sister and parents were not at home to witness the basement ghosts’ poltergiest like antics plauging the upstairs rooms of our house.
I should have take a page ffrom Sparky’s book and cowered in the basement, formerly occupied by the ghost.

After the ghost destroyed all the bedrooms it materilaized in the attic. I locked the attic door and hoped it would stay there for ever.

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