Oh, Sweetie [PC]

Oh, Sweetie,
You were there for as long as I can remember.

Oh, Sweetie,
You’d follow me every time I passed.
You’d drop everything, just to come see me.
It puts a smile on my face even now.

Oh, Sweetie,
You lifted me up,
Telling me to “C’mon, c’mon”
In that chirpy voice of yours.

Oh, Sweetie,
I remember my broken heart
When I learned you flew away
For the last time.
It hurts my heart the same
To think on it
Although it was His will.

But, oh Sweetie,
I knew you’d be happy
You’d be watching
You’d drop everything and follow me
Until I dropped out of sight
But you’d patiently wait,
Occassionally chirping, “c’mon, c’mon,”
Awaiting my return.

Oh, Sweetie,
My first pet.
My first love,
Always in my heart.

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