Bittersweet Indecision

As we made our way as a group into the theater, I only had one thought on my mind: sitting beside him.

What could be better than spending your time in a dark theater beside your crush? Nothing.

When the lights went dim, his knee rested against mine and stayed there for longer than normal…much longer. My first instinct was to pull my knee away but my second was to stay still. I was enjoying it.

Nothing else happened. Sure, some hand holding would have been nice but I had all I needed: proof he likes me.

This, in addition to all the other signs I have been reading proves it to me. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that he likes me. The only thing is, where to go from here?

Maybe it’s best to just let things take their natural course. Maybe I should do something more. Maybe I should just forget about it altogether.




Ahh, bittersweet indecision. How I love and loathe thee, all at the same time.

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