Livin' the dream part 14

I clapped and jumped up and down. “Jade that was awesome!” I screamed. “Thanks good luck for you to.” She relpied. I got on stage, and saw all those eyes watching me. ’’Come on Kris you’ve done it before.’’ I thought. I finally heard the music start.
Dear Elle,
He’s a lucky guy
I’m, like, gonna cry
I got tears coming out of my nose
Mad props!
He’s the campus catch
You’re a perfect match
Cause you both have such great taste in clothes
Of course he will propose
Dear Elle,
Honey maseltav
future’s taking off
Bring that ring back
and show it to me
Four carats
A princess cut
Are you psyched or what?!
I just wish i could be there to see
When he gets down on one knee
omigod, you guys

That sounded amazing I could see it in Jade and sams eyes when I look at them. I saw the judge with the writing all done and there eyes tearing. Iv’e got my dream just like Jade got hers. I was Paulette. She was Elle. It was a miracle.

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