Livin the dream part 15

Krissy jumped up and down, so excited she was Paulette. Jade was in the bathroom wiping her tears. I better wipe my tears to because all the parts are takin. Jade and Krissy will go to broadway together and forget about me.
“Is Sam Saunders here?”
I ran on to the stage.
“Here!” I cried!
“We would like you to try out for Brooke Wyndum!”
“Ok..I stuttered.”
Nervousness was swelling up inside me. I opened my moulth and sang:
I want you whipped into shape!
When I say “jumpâ€? say ‘how high?
You know you’re doin’ it right
When you start to cry!
If you don’t look like you should,
You got to
Whip it! Whip it!
Whip it good!
I’m sorry, ladies, no escape…
‘Til you’re whipped into shape!

The judges nodded and gave me a thimbs up, too amazed for words. They found Elle, Brooke, and Paulette in one day.

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