Breaking the Terrible News of the Pyscho in Our School- part 2

Seth just stared at me, slowly shaking his head. Ugh, I don’t know what to do. “Mr. Berdan, there’s someone in our school who…who is planning a school shooting.” Seth winced in preperation for Mr. Berdan’s reaction. Nonsense, this girl is on crack, Mr. Berdan thought. “And what makes you think this?”

Seth winced again. You should have known he was going to ask this Bree. “Uhm….well…I found a piece of paper of the kids with notes about it.”
“And this child is?”
“Cody Hanter.” Mr. Berdan nodded. Yeah, like I’m suppose to believe this crackhead. “Well I suppose we will look into this. We shall call him down and have a little chat with him. Okay?”
I nodded, before turning on my heel to walk out the door. That was a waste of my time. God, I’m going to go back to my laptop.

I was surprised when Seth came up to me while I was walking away to ask, “So what did he say?”
I shook my head, “He doesn’t believe me and they’re not going to do anything. Kids are going to die from their ignorance.”

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