A Room on the Left

Sister Laura made her way through the animated crowd of party goers. It definitely wasen’t her favorite place to work, but “What needs to be done, needs to be done,” as her mentor would say.
“Where are you Guido?” she whispered under her breath, scanning the collection of lawn chairs along the wall. A stiff hand on her shoulder startled her and made her spin on her heel. “Guido, I’m afraid there’s only I few more surprises my heart can handle.”
“Then I should probably tell you our situation is worse than we previously thought,” retorted the sharply dressed preist.
“Oh dear, do tell then.” Sister laura’s face was now fearful.
“You should see for yourself.” Guido motioned for her to follow as he led to the other side of the crowded room, down a narrow hallway. There he stopped and beckoned her to enter a room on the left. Sister laura bounded into the room, finding a small figure of a man sprawled out on the bed. He was as pale as the sheet that covered his body, and screaming for Laura to leave.

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