He led the way down a path. The path led to some metal stairs that rang as each step was taken.

Then there was a door… then a room.

Filled with beeps, buzzing, and clattering, I knew that I was surrounded by electronics. Electronics that could probably be destroyed easily, with one thought.

That wouldn’t do any good at all now, though. They had me captured, there was nothing to do about it.

I was pushed into a chair, and practically fell over once I hit the seat. “I thought there was a ship..?â€?

“Oh, there is,â€? the doctor said. “There are others on the ride than just you, you do realize that, don’t you?â€?

I closed my eyes and breathed slowly. I had to stay calm- sometimes (even the scientists and doctors didn’t know), my thoughts could get a little uncontrolled. When that happened, anything nearby could be destroyed.

No one would get killed by me; I’d decided that long ago. I could destroy any material thing I wanted to, but I would never become any kind of murderer.

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