It's More Interesting to Figure Things Out for Yourself, Isn't it?

There’s so much I want to know;
Curious minds are like that.
I really want to know you.

And yet…
There’s a hesitation in my heart.
I must be a shrouded enigma.
I’m scared of being let down,
I’m terrified of being deceived.
I don’t want to give away too much.

I want to give that trust I have for others,
but I don’t want it misused.

It was a sad day, indeed;
That day the world lost most of its innocence.
The misdeeds of others has made us timid.
Timid to be kind to strangers.
Timid to be friendly to passers-by.

But it’s more interesting to figure things out for yourself, isn’t it?

But in the meantime,
We’ll have to be content with being partial enigmas.
Because it’s more interesting to figure things out for yourself…
Isn’t it?

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