On Her Own

Hello Marie.

What was that? I looked around me feverishly. No one called me Marie anymore. My mum was the only person to-

Have you missed me?

I spun around, certain the voice was coming from behind me. All I saw was blackness. I shivered, sure something was crawling up my spine.

I’ve missed you.

I felt a hand grab my shoulder, and then suddenly-

“Next stop Bloomfield, New Jersey.”

“Ohh…” I sat up, rubbing my eyes with the palms of my hands. I was so tired. I had a right to be tired.

I had just traveled about two hundred and sixty miles, for approximately four and a half hours across the bottom of New Hampshire, through Massachusetts, Connecticut, part of Pennsylvania and now finally I was arriving in New Jersey.

I was so tired, I almost considered going back to sleep, but I remembered I had to get off soon.

Wait, why should I get off? I’ve come this far, I should just keep going.

Oh, no you don’t. We’re here for a reason. Remember Grandma Rosalie.

I remember. I could never forget.

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