Deductions, Deductions

“I trust you had a safe flight, dismal as the airline was?”
I nodded. “How can you tell that?”
“I could tell the moment you walked in. Not only was the dust on your shoes suggestive, but you smell faintly of jet fuel & inferior peanuts. That, & your boarding pass is sticking out of your pocket with the airline’s name facing out.”
I laughed. “Was it really that easy?”
“Of course.”
“Can you tell anything else?”
She studied me intently once more. I’d have to get used to that. “Well, you’ve been well off; have been walking a great deal as of late; are a frequent writer and are a lefty. That’s all I can tell.”
I nearly fell out of my chair. “How…?”
“Not many ‘lower’ people, including myself, going around wearing a Rolex like that. I could see your shoes have been worn a few milimeters, but the canvas is fairly new. As far as the writing goes, you’ve a considerable amout of ink & graphite on the side of your left hand.”
“You’re a genius!” I cried.
She shook her head & smiled. “Deductions, my friend.”

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