Last Hours.

One hour. No one said it, but we all knew it. In just one hour, everything would be over. There would be no more like as we knew it. Couples kissed, families hugged, and tears streamed down the faces of many. We all stared at the sky, looking at the ball of light that was coming closer.

What would happen, we all wondered. Was this the final judgment day? Survival was impossible. But what if, just maybe, there was hope?

Suddenly, the lights of the house on the corner of the street went out. The house next to it followed. Soon, every house on the street was dark. The rest of the city followed in suit, and soon the entire city was dark. No one could see, but yet we all knew what to do. We walked to the top of the hill, silently, all holding hands. When we reached the peak, we sat down and watched the sky. Our hearts pounded, our heads throbbed. It was all over. Everything was dark, but it didn’t matter. It all seemed to insignificant now. We were just a speck in the universe.

Then, the comet hit.

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