“Of course. It is one thing to see, it is another entirely to deduce. One must be bold in deductions, must not be afraid of being wrong.”
“But, if one is wrong?”
She shrugged. “Scrap it & start over. But one always must first observe & gather the facts, then draw conclusions. Going in the other direction always bends facts to theories, & it always becomes distorted.” Her face scrunched at the very thought.
I would’ve continued, but an odd, siren noise rang out.
“Oh!” Sheila exclaimed, reaching for her black Alias. “A client, probably.”
“Oh, yes. You see, I like to keep my mind busy with small problems, & people will come to me for advice.”
“Like a detective?”
She shot me a look. “I’m not associated with the official police. Huge difference between the two.” She turned back to her phone. “Ah yes, someone’s on his way over.”
“I should probably not intrude…” I started to get up.
“Nonsense! If anything you’ll be a help! But no matter now, because here comes our client.”

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