Subject IL45094: Status: Analyzed

A vast domed room slid into view as the doors of my pod retracted. My restraints unlatched and popped me out, sending me sprawling on the marble floor.

I was in the very top room of the tower, almost one hundred-fifty floors from the ground. Arched windows surrounded me, showing me absolutely terrifying views of the rest of the city. To the left was the Sears Tower, that looked more like the size of my arm from this height. To the right was the Main Control building, where the computers where maintained and supervised. And I was in the Chicago Office Tower No. US14 , the main hub for every Chicago-based company, where business workers would plug in every day (for the sake of the economy, some menial jobs were left to humans, but only about two percent).

I was pulled out of my daydreaming by another emotionless voice. “Subject IL45094 : David Carter. Height: 6”2’. Age: 24. Pulse: elevated; normal. RBMI : 22. Mentally and physically healthy.”

There was a whirring, then silence, and I was alone.

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