Eros and Psyche 16 - the Gift

Wrinkles formed in Zeus’s hearty face as he agreed to Eros’s proposal. “Your mother won’t like it,” he laughed, “but she certainly can’t say no to this!”
Eros pushed a very shaky Psyche up to Zeus, who promptly laid his hands on her shoulders. “I, King of the Gods, grant you, Psyche the mortal, the greatest gift a god can give a mortal. Go now knowing you will live for eternity.”
Immediatley Psyche’s form began to shimmer, and Eros ran up to her, enfolding her in his arms and wings.
Right in the nick of time, Aphrodite burst into the room. “Get off her, my son!” she shrieked. “You have no right touching a mortal!”
Eros looked up at his enraged mother. “But that is where you are wrong. She is not mortal – she is immortal, she is my wife, and we will get married the proper way.”
Aphrodite turned incredulously to Zeus for consolation, but he nodded his head. “It is true,” he replied. “You cannot argue to the marraige of a god to a goddess.”
Defeated, Aphrodite sat down, and the happy lovers celebrated.

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