Something I wish I could Tell a Certain Someone

Of course I want to make out with you. Why do you even bother asking? Of course all I want to do is feel your arms wrapped around me. But it just can’t happen today. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not ever.

Why you ask? Maybe because I value your life. Maybe because I don’t want to be the reason why my father has to tear you to shreds. That could be it. The bigger question is why do you keep asking why? You know the answer. It doesn’t change.

No I’m not going with your crazy plan. Its crazy and going to get us both killed. Plus only a monkey would fall for “President-elect Obama has ordered me to stay home today so you’re just going to have to leave me home alone. No I’m not sneaking a guy over. That’s crazy.” You must really think my parents are stupid. Stupid, crazy, or maybe both.

Please don’t make this harder than what it is. Please don’t make me feel any guiltier about not being able to be with you. Its not fair. Especially since your the one who doesn’t have time to make it official.

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