“Okay,” they giggled, and ran down the hallway.

He shut the door and sat down in a chair next to my bed. “Hello Regan. You seem to be adjusting well to your room.â€?

“Why those girls? Why Theo?â€? I asked quickly.

“Those two have a very… interesting ability. They can be pretty useful once they learn to control it.â€?

“Useful? What do you mean, useful?â€?

“Could mean many things, could mean nothing. Who knows? Anyway, I came in here to talk about-“

“Answer my question!â€? I yelled angrily.

“Not now. It’s too confusing to get into now.â€?

I hated how, no matter how rude and angry I could be, Karon would always stay so calm. It only seemed to make me angrier.

“What I wanted to explain,â€? he continued, “is the issue of your eyes. I’ve already told you we have the ability to fix it. Do you want to know about the procedures?â€?

“No,â€? I said immediately.

“No? Why not?â€? he asked, concerned.

“Just NO. I turned on my side so I wouldn’t have to face him anymore.

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