“Regan, I need to tell you-“

“Please, just leave,â€? I whimpered.


“GO!â€? I shouted, as the bed beneath me shook.

My thoughts were racing. Doctor Karon didn’t know when enough was enough. “Regan, calm down.â€?

“I won’t… I can’t,â€? I muttered, clenching my teeth.

Why was this making me so angry? I was picturing something horrible, something on its way to kill Karon.

“Run, can’t you HEAR me?â€?

“You won’t do it,â€? he said affectionately. “You can’t do it.â€?

My mind took this as a challenge, something I had to prove wrong. “Get out of here.â€? My voice took on the monotonous tone it always does when I’m about to use my ability.

“Regan-“ he put his hand on my shoulder. “Calm down.â€?

Why did he act so understanding? He didn’t know ANYTHING , yet he was still trying to ‘comfort’ me. I just wanted to be left alone!

My started breathing faster, and my ears throbbed with pain. This only happened to me once before, when I just couldn’t control anything.

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