We're Crazy (For Each Other)

The bowl of popcorn was settled between them, rather awkwardly at best. Both Chloe and Alex decided to fully immerse themselves in the film on the screen to try and deny themselves the truth in what had happened just minutes ago.

For 3/4 of an hour they were sucessful. Each one pretended that the other was only a figment of their imagination. Until the moment they both reached into the bowl and found not only popcorn kernels but the cool touch of the other’s skin. Alex’s fingers lingered in the bowl while Chloe quickly withdrew her hand. From that point on, neither friend could focus on the movie. As though suddenly inspired, Alex grabbed the bowl and placed it on the table with a sheepish grin.

“That was bothering me,” he told Chloe honestly. Chloe attempted to muffle a laugh.

“What?” Alex asked worriedly, “What’s funny?”

“It was bothering me, too!” she burst.

Alex chortled nervously. Chloe snorted. Before they realized it, they were holding each other, laughing until tears escaped their eyes.

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