Below the Burning Sky

Arenn stood high on the cliff, looking down at the smoldering ruins, the smoke blowing into the westward setting sun. The Tall King was deposed, and after centuries of slavery, our people were finally freed, but at what cost? The multitudes, of which I was one, stood behind our rebellious leader as she stood surveying the destruction she had caused with what I feared was contentment. I wanted no more war, but I was afraid that more may follow.
As if reading my thoughts, Arenn turned and looked deep into my eyes.
“You, child,” she said, beckoning to me. My heart pounding, I slowly walked towards her. Odd, but I had never thought of our leader as beautiful before, only sly. Now she seemed to have the beauty of a raven silently flying overhead, an ebony silhouette against the fire-red sky.
“Child,” she said again, “Why do you frown so? Are you not happy to be released after so many long years of imprisonment?”
“Of course,” I said, but even as I said so my frown grew deeper. I saw a fire in her black eyes.

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