The Lights go on at Night

“Well? Have you ever talked to our neighbors Abbey? Have you ever seen them outside of their home? I sure haven’t. It’s freaking me the fuck out. Can’t you see how strange that is? The lights go on at night, a few shadows move by the windows, and that’s all we know of them.”

“Ok, but Seth, this is our opportunity to finally meet them. They decorated their house with orange lights for Halloween, their porch lights are on, they’re reaching out for the first time, don’t spoil it with your ignorant assumptions. I’m taking our boy over there for trick or treat and you’re going to hand out candy. End of discussion.”

“Look. Abbey. Their cars haven’t moved in four months! Do these weirdos have jobs? Lives? A god-damn grocery list!? If you’re going then I’m coming too.”

Abbey, depleted from the argument, compromises. “Fine, put a bowl of candy on the steps, lock up, and let’s go.” Her boy sheepishly enters the room in his pumpkin suit and attaches to her leg. “Are you an’ daddy fighting?” He sniffles.

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