More Important than Flying Monkeys

Sure does, Janice thought rolling her eyes. “Talk to him!” Lucy ordered in a soft whisper. “Alright,” Janice said as she gathered her courage to turn around and face the person she had wanted to for so long.
“Hey Janice,” Kyle said, a bit hesitantly.
“Hi… Kyle,” his name came out with some difficulty.
“Um, how was your day?” he asked trying to get a casual conversation going. He still felt guilty about something.
She wasn’t going to make it easy, “Fine.”
“Oh that’s good.”
They stood there staring at eachother’s feet, while Lucy, dancing around like a monkey who’s feet were on fire and eyes didn’t wuite fit, stood in the background going crazy.
“About this morning,” Kyle said, finally breaking the painful silence, “um… well… that really wasn’t the question I had intended to ask you.”
“It wasn’t?” Janice said, looking up, her eyes catching his, her breath stopping.
“No it wasn’t,” he said, the courage building inside him. “There was something a bit more important than flying monkeys.”

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