Lots of Silence

“Really? I didn’t think anything was quite as important as flying monkeys,” they both laughed.
“Seriously, I needed to ask you something important,” Kyle said, regret painted across his face.
“Why didn’t you?”
”...I was scared,” he said looking down again.
“What were you scared of?” Janice couldn’t imagine anything scaring something this perfect. Kyle stayed quiet.
“Oh come on. You can tell me. I won’t make fun of you,” she said.
He took a deep breath. “You.”
“Me?” she said in disbelief, “Why would I scare you?”
“Not you necessarily. But your answer. I was scared of your answer,” Kyle said, his face still firmly facing the floor.
“My answer to your important question?” Janice asked, wishing that he’d look at her.
“Well ask me I’m sure it couldn’t be that bad.”
“Kyle… Look at me please.”
“I… I can’t.”
Janice was both shocked and hurt, “Why the hell not?”
Again silence.

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