you never told me

We played tag when
I was little.
We played jump rope
When I was older.
You were my dad,
You were my friend,
But you were drunk the whole time.

You knocked out the
Teacher at my
Elementary school graduation.
I didn’t know why.

It was easier to avoid
When I was 6.
But now I’m older
And I can’t
Deny the facts.

You get angry at me
For making your
Favorite dinner.
Or when I ask you to help
Me with my homework.
I have no clue why.

You spend all our grocery
Money on
Your favorite alcoholic
Beverage, but blame
It on my poor judgment
Or, on the oh so reoccurring

I’m sick of the same old lies,
That I tell neighbors
And friends.
The lame excuses I keep
Making when I’m late to class.

And now you’re gone
Leaving me here all
Alone, all because
you were a

You never told me.

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