Inspiration from Failure (or, A Research Trailer) [WITRSF2BYTC... and yes, I'm entering my own challenge]

In a world, where research abounds…
“I gotta cite this source right…”
Where many go in, but few come out quite the same…
“Stupid biography, so long…”
One girl will develop a workable thesis and write her way out of lost time…
before November 17th.
“You gotta be kidding, right?”

This Thanksgiving, she will finally be free from her research paper…
“Woohoo! All ten pages!
That is, if her computer will cooperate.
Aw, frick.

With g2 (la pianista irlandesa), Mark Twain, and countless reference sources comes an epic journey abound with textual and parenthetical citations…
Inspiration From Failure
Limited Engagement begins Nov. 17 in select classrooms

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