Live! Love! Laugh!

Flannel blankets. Pillowcases with kittens on them. A funny-looking gift from your little sister that you keep anyway. Lavender soap. Counting down with the microwave and making the funny beeping noise at the end, and then laughing hysterically. The wind in the brown grasses of November. Milkweed seeds blowing on the wind. Wishing on the first star of the evening. Learning an obscure word and wanting to use it every opportunity you get. Annoying the heck out of your friends. Commendable effort! FIBROMYALGIA ! Ticking off the robot on AIM . Red leaves decorating the hillsides. Decorating a Christmas tree and rediscovering all the ornaments from last year that you’ve forgotten about. CHOCOLATE CAKE . Someone else’s birthday party. Throwing a stone into a still pond and watching the ripples spread. Colorful glass lamps that make designs on the ceiling. KALEIDOSCOPES . Looking at all the pretty ornaments in a gift shop and hoping feverently that you don’t knock something over. Eating cherries off of a tree. May. HA

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