Giving Thanks

Wet dog kisses. Passing notes when the teacher isn’t paying attention. Chorus concerts. Band concerts! Giving thanks and really meaning it. Praying to God like he was an old friend. Getting an answer back. Catching snowflakes on your tongue and watching them melt. Staring out the window at nothing in particular. BEAUTY . Really loving life. LOVING YOURSELF . Feeling the rain at your back and the sun up ahead. Knowing that the weather man predicted rain, but going outside anyways, and finding it’s impeccably sunny the whole day. SMILES . Getting to a new level of a video game. Watching your pets play around, and joining in. Hearing a cat purr. EATING delicious food whenever you want to, without worrying about how many carbs it has. Wrapping a present and using as much tape as you want, even it that may be the whole roll. Reading a really good book, and then writing your own. SLEEPING . Dreaming good and bad dreams. Auditioning and getting in. Dreams that reach outside of reality, but you still achieve. LAVENDER .

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