He took a deep breath. “Ok.. Janice…” Another deep breath. Janice could almost see the courage building up inside him. She wonder if he could hear her heart racing.

“I think you have to be the most incredible person I’ve ever met. No one’s ever been as ridiculously perfect as you. Not only are you outrageously beautiful and brilliant but you also have the kindest soul ever in the history of kind souls. I don’t know how all the other girls stand to be around such an exquisite being. They all have to hate you. They have to. I know if I were a girl I would. I’d completely give up hope of ever having a boyfriend with you around. There’d be no way for me to measure up to you. So I’m REALLY glad I’m not a girl.” Kyle paused for a breath, Janice couldn’t catch hers.

“I sit around and watch you, sorry if that sounds a bit creepy but I can’t help it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how utterly, insanely awesome you are,” his voice was picking up speed, Janice’s astonished ears were having trouble following.

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