Many long years our people have been enslaved, many long years indeed. They took our families and separated them, our possessions and plundered them, and our hearts and broke them. Do not expect me to lament the fate of their civilization, for it was at my hands did it fall. The plan was of my weaving. Being their servant, I knew all their secrets, but they never suspected me, for I was meek, and small. What could a human do against a giant? they asked themselves. They never guessed my treachery! I laugh at their folly. I was subtle and sly. Through my cunning did the giants turn against each other. The man doubted his wife, and the woman questioned her son. None of them knew, and so they directed their anger at all, and so undid themselves. Soldiers plundered the homes of their own people, and the people rebelled. At the last, when the multitudes besieged the City, only then did I reveal my plot, and by then it was too late, for the City was burning. It burned, and as it burned, we made our escape,and fled.

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