Eclectic and Bucholic [SAC...again]

“Who the heck is that? Never seen her before…”
“Who, the redhead? Sweater, jeans, blue fuzzy bucket hat?”
“Yeah. Did she wander down here by accident? I better call the Memory Department..”
“Oh, didn’t you hear? She’s the new recruit.”
Her?! Hasn’t she noticed that she sticks out?”
“I’ll bet a week’s pay she doesn’t last the week.”
“I wouldn’t count her out yet. No, you listen. Eclectic & bucholic as she may seem, she’s sharp. She catches on quickly, see? She’s as seamless & with it as she is conspicuous.”
“You seem to have high hopes for her.”
“And rightly so.”
“Your reasoning being-?”
“Remember Alpha Phi?”
“How could I forget? No one could crack it for months.”
“She wasn’t here a day before she figured it out. It was all a musical problem, see?”
“How long ago was that?”
“You still on with the bet?”
“Sure, why?”
“She’s been here eight days.
stunned silence
“Now pay up.”
incoherent mumbling
“By the way she’s your partner next mission, so you’d better get to know her.”

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