Roger's Last Day Part 2

””Thank you for the laugh, Roger, but I have no choice but to fire you. Everyone, if you will please ignore the silly email and get back to work?” Silence. No one moved.

“Michelle, come here,” Roger said. Michelle was the girl that sat in the cubicle next to his. She walked up to him, “Yeah, Roger?”

“Take this envelope,” he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a thick wide envelope. Once it was in her hands, Michelle opened it to find many incriminating pictures of Carrington; together – the pictures and email made even more sense. Michelle gave Carrington a dirty look as she backed up into the crowd to show the others. “They’re fake, dammit!” Carrington yelled, his face a tomato once again. “Don’t be fucking stupid, you idiots!”

This sent Roger over the edge and his hands went for Carrington’s collar.

“You murderer!” someone in the crowd pointed at Carrington. Michelle pulled her cellphone out and dialed 911. Carrington’s fear hid behind a slight smile on his face.

To be coninued…

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