A suprise waits in the Devil's Den(manwhore series)

So I walked….wait no glided to Geography, atleast it felt like it, because I can’t walk across a flat surface with out tripping…some things just aren’t possible….

Aydan looked ahead and glanced down to his school map. He looked at me and smiled again,”Okay, here we are..”

Since are school was somewhat more liberal than others, we had free seating.

“Hey, since you’re the only person I know, you want to sit with me?”

“Sure”I replied.

Then HE walked in…

My heart started bursting and it hurt so much…I didn’t want to relive the pain, Aydan…Aydan…Aydan…Aydan…Shan-no…Aydan!!..jeez…. pay attention!

Shane walked in the room and he smiled at me..his brown hair bounced when he frolicked all the way to my table…

Damn…he doesn’t look bad today….

Neither does Aydan..



Just then, Luna, Isabella, and Bailey walk in the room.Luna and Bailey were my best friends..Isabella, i never talked to..But we all had one thing in common….

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