Seating arrangements never sucked so much...(manwhore series)

So here we are…..

Seeing us all together, one thing that realy bothered me was I was in a room will all his exes….

And another thing that bugged me was..I keep hanging on the past, i never can let go…And Im so close to letting go, but he just keeps reminding me why I can’t….

I’ve always wondered what would have happend if we stayed together before..what does he honestly think?

I snap back to reality..oh the bliss…and set my stuff down…

The desks are grouped together, in a cluster of 6…great…

So I sat across from Aydan and Shane sat next to me and he was across from Bailey..Shane was sitting next to Tristan who was sitting across to Isabella…..

The lyrics of a song start playing in my head…”Everything will change..but love remains the same….”

Shut up…..

I glance at everyone at the table…

Yay..The gang’s all here….

This should be fun….

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