The Irish Pianist's Idea

No one knew what to say. Even OrangeOreos was at a loss for words.
“D-did you say write our way out?” blu stuttered.
“I did indeed,” g2 replied.
“But that’s crazy!” Mistress Elsha protested. “I’m definitely sure of that!” Some others muttered their consensus.
“It might be crazy… but just crazy enough to work,” Ana mused.
“I’m with Ana on this one,” tbs said.
“Well, okay, that’s all fine and dandy,” Orange began, “but how is that going to get us out of here?”
“That’s where you and your million wishes come in, my friend. In fact…” she made a quick calculation in her head, “We’ll have wishes to spare.”
“I think I might know where she’s going with this,” Orange muttered, resting his chin on his right fist. “What do you propose?”
A smirk just kept growing into a full-blown smile on the Irish Pianist’s face. “I propose a real-life ficlet challenge.” Everyone leaned in to heighten the suspense.
We must write a ficlet that involves a way to get each of us out of here.

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