new beginnings-part II

Dewey quickly loaded the bags into the trunk of the cab. And swerved back to just approach the door before mrs. s. He swung it open and lightly slammed it shut and ran over the enter quietly in the other side.
“The philidelphia airport please,â€? Dewey said to the driver as they pulled away from the curve.

They arrived after the airport, but not before the taxi driver got a mouthful on how he should drive his cab. He thanks was charging a larger fare, that automatically came out of Dewey’s allowance. Great. Of what was left anyway. He grabbed the bags out of the trunk and scurried behind mrs. s.

As they neared the security, mrs. s turned to him, “Now Dewey, i will be back in one week from England. I expect you know what to do until then.â€? She gave him a curt nod and left him there. He did not dare go home for risk of her coming back early, or to ask what to do for food and water. She would have his head for sure. He had $2.13 from his allowance left, he would make it work .

He had to.

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