Roger's Last Day Part 3

The elevator doors opened up to the lobby. Roger stepped out and walked down the hallway toward the main entrance to leave. A man in a blue suit leaned against a wall reading a newspaper. Roger relaxed and began to think, “Linda and the kids are waiting outside, once I’m in the van, we’re leaving this city for good. Finally.” He dropped his company identification card into a trash bin and smiled the rest of the way…

The newspaper hit Roger’s side really hard. “You think you won, huh?” the blue suited man whispered into his ear. The newspaper poked him in the ribs again, Roger realized it was a gun. Blue Suit pushed him back the way he came from, there was a restroom by the elevator. “Go in there,” Blue Suit ordered.

As he pushed Roger, he checked every stall and found them empty. “Last stall,” he ordered, shoving Roger. Roger knew what was next. He thought about Linda and little baby Roger Jr. and Hayley.

To be continued…

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