We Can't Risk Revelation

Emma was scared. She couldn’t see, she had no idea where she was, or where anybody was for that matter. She was tired, she was hungry.
Finally, she began doing what any five-year-old might do in this situation.
She began to sob.
The Scoutbot became flustered at her tears. “It is better that we stay here until morning,” it comforted metalically, retracting itself to Emma’s height. She threw her arms around it like a teddy bear. “It is much safer.”

In Hub 307, Peter paced back & forth in front of the MainFrame. “What do we do?” he muttered. “We must get that child before it tells anyone what’s happened. We can’t risk revelation this early.”
It is only a child, the MainFrame responded coldly. What can a child do?
Peter stopped pacing. His eyes widened in realization. That girl, he’d thought he’d seen her before. Yes! She was the daughter of the System’s developer. If she blabbed about what had happened, he’d be the first to believe, with the Scoutbot as proof!
“Track down Scoutbot825. We’ve a girl to find.”

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