Roger's Last Day Part 4

“Sit down,” Blue Suit pointed at the toilet. Roger stared at the piss all over the toilet seat, “Fuck you, shoot me.”

“My pleasure,” Blue Suit grinned exactly like Carrington. “Brothers,” thought Roger. The silencer poked Roger’s upper back. “So you’re the one that killed all those people, under your brother’s orders,” Roger spoke up again, still piecing the puzzle together. “They came close to the truth and you took their lives.”

“Shut up.”
“And now it’s my turn.”
“Shut up already, dammit.”
“I’m leaving you in here, killer.”

Blue Suit was trigger-happy. Begging, bribing, taunting – he had heard it all before. Suddenly, Roger twisted his upper torso to the left and his left elbow knocked the gun out of Blue Suit’s gloved hand. It fired off a shot as it hit the stall’s wall; the bullet shattered the small, white tiles on the wall behind the toilet. Roger put a foot on the toilet edge and pushed himself back against Blue Suit; the impact sent the hitman flying out of the stall.

To be continued…

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