Call the funeral service, my heart just exploded..(manwhore series)

The bell rings and everyone takes a seat. Mr. Craiggory comes -no wait makes a grand entrance.

And then I stop to think..What the hell was he doing here?

He could be like a movie star, or a model..way better than anything to offer in this state…

He had a smooth face with a lean body. His blonde hair fell over part of his eyes and his muscles showed off beneathe his shirt….

Aydan looked at me and smiled…
call heart just melted..

Then Shane smiled and looked at me..
Call the funeral services, my heart just exploded…

not good..not good at all..

I tousel my hair to the side so I can see the board, I smell the scent of cologne ax..coming off from someone..oh god..

It was a couple years ago and it was at lunch, me and shane had that block together..that was the first time he sprayed ax in the water bottle and we all drank from breath smelled like ax for a couple hours…I said if I died it was his fault..he said he’d cry if I died….

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