Roger's Last Day Part 5

Blue Suit hit a wall and slid down to the floor, the back of his head leaving a trail of blood. His body slumped forward. Roger ran for the restroom door. “They’re already dead,” Blue Suit grunted, with a bloody smile on his face. Roger stopped. “Who?” the question stood still in Roger’s mind.

Blue Suit eyed the gun on the floor. Roger slowly turned around, hoping the hitman was not talking about whom he was thinking about. “No,” he thought. “No. No. No.” Blue Suit jumped for the gun but a heavy kick to the side of his face knocked him into another wall. Roger fell down next to him; he grabbed the gun and put the silencer under Blue Suit’s chin.

“Who’s dead? Hey! Who’s dead?” Roger shouted.
“Uggghhh,” Blue Suit moaned. “Roger Jr….Hayley…”
“You motherfucker! No!” tears welled up Roger’s eyes.
”...and Lin-” the bullet pierced through his chin, tongue, and brain.

Roger dropped the gun and pushed himself up into a run. He kept repeating his family’s names in his mind.

To Be Continued

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